Psychology of corporate & startup Success:Mindset, Resilience & Peak Performance

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 14:00 to 16:00

Who is the event for  Entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. Key takeaways  You will understand  - the key elements of success,  - the ingredients of achievement, and  - the source of resilience.Speaker profile Dr Nigel MacLennan coaches leaders from CEOs of multi-national companies to start-up entrepreneurs. He has been making cutting-edge advances in the field of the psychology of performance and leadership for decades, with 60 publications to date (books, audio programmes DVDs etc). Nigel has led multiple successful turnarounds, and set up and sold out of his own company.  He and the tools he has developed (to help business leaders achieve better results) have been responsible for several innovations which have spread globally. Nigel's style is highly participative, and he believes that every presentation should be transformative. That is, delegates should be equipped with tools that can enable them to transform their performance.Company profile specialises in performance psychology, and clients' performance and improved results objectives are achieved or there is no fee (subject to the necessary metrics being in place). PsyPerform solves previously unsolved performance problems.  For instance, how to get any normal adult to generate vast numbers of commercially relevant ideas, on demand, systematically and reliably; how to align a corporate culture; how to... All PsyPeform's activities enable customers to achieve results that would not previously have been possible.Agenda  • 02.00 pm to 02.30 pm: Registration and networking • 02.30 pm to 03.30 pm: Presentation • 03.30 pm to 04.00 pm: Q&A/More networkingReviews “Dr MacLennan, thanks for a fantastic talk, and sharing your vast knowledge!” Sidra M “Dr MacLennan's talk was, for me, an epiphany. The precise connection between beliefs and outcomes, and the simple (though not easy!) way you can change that was...well, brilliant.” Helen Cafe conduct The venue is provided to Tech city for free and we need to respect the owners hospitality. You are required to buy one item from the cafe counter. You are not allowed to consume/leave any drinks (including all branded water) and food from outside, on the premises.Time keeping Make sure to arrive on time as the event will start  2.30 pm sharp

Innovation Warehouse
Finchs, 12a Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AN,

London EC1A 9PT