3D printing - a group for parents and children

We are on the verge of the next great industrial revolution. 3D printing will enable us to more easily create anything that we want to in the real world. Virtual reality will enable us to experience whatever we want to in a virtual one. The transition between both will become less and less obvious as time goes on.
Buzz Technology - my company - is at the forefront of the home 3D printing revolution. We launched the first ever printer that can make sophisticated, fully functional products on Kickstarter on the 7th April 2015. Together with the machine, we launched an opportunity to help adults and children become Global Designers - conceiving, developing and selling the next generation of new and improved home 3D products consumers around the globe as our machine rolls out.
For our children and grandchildren, the 3D printing revolution will help increase the value of creativity and help reduce the pressure that globalisation has created where they need to fight for a decreasing pool of top jobs. It will enable them - and you - to take control of your futures by building your own loyal customer base and global brand. 
This meetup group is for anyone who wants to get a head start joining the next industrial revolution. We will be holding central London based evening events for Backers of our Kickstarter and others - adults and weekend events for parents/children who want to learn to be global designers.

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