If you are starting a new business whether it is a social enterprise, tech or hi tech, the next facebook or something more modest you want to join us! ÿWe are a group by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs specialising in starting up businesses.If you would like to help out let us knowIf you want to apply for Programme entry please check out theÿeligibility.Accelerace runs free and paid for sessions (to cover costs). ÿThe free sessions are in the evening and typcially follow a case study, presenter and networking format, but the most exciting is the Accelerace Programme!This programme runs for 3 months and helps entrepreneurs build intellectual property and set up viable businesses by providing them with coaching based on best practices, toolsets that help concentrate on no-nonsense analysis, mentors that bring the wisdom of experience, and hands-on execution assistance from all involved. ÿYou have to pay to enter this programme but some seats are funded by sponsors if you cannot afford it.Using a combination of Lean Startup, The Four Steps to Epiphany, Crossing the Chasm, and Miller Heimann methodologies, at the end of the programme you will:Have pivoted several times and aligned your target market with your product developmentDefined your business model and extracted KPIs that measure your business growthSat with potentail customers and gottent their feedbackSat with potential customers and engaged in sellingDeveloped a robust go-to-market strategyBegun executing that strategyWritten a robust business planPut together a financial model that stands up to scrutinyConsidered your financing needs for growth and the options availableÿHere are some highlights of the programme:Accelerace does NOT take any shares in your company.Accelerace is a Social Enterprise company running to cover costs.We charge a very small fee for the entire programme but we are working hard to get this sponsored.There are 3 weekend camps with plenty of webinars, clinics, individual meetings and mentor support in between.During the first day of the programme you can pariticipate in 'speed dating' to supplement your team or simply join one.The first weekend you will shape your product from your customers perspective, think about your business model and develop a 100 day plan.In between the first and second weekend, you will pivot around your product and customer definitions and together with Accelerace and mentors work towards securing some customers.The second weekend will see you developing a go-to-market plan for your target market and what, when and how to communicate with it, how you will sell to it through multiple channels, and KPIs to measure your success and growth.In between the second and third weekends, again with the help of Accelerace and mentors you will begin to execute your plan gaining more customers and beginning to build a robust business plan and financial model, as well as practicing and improving your presentation skills.During the final weekend you will fine tune your business plan and financial model and prepare a presentation for the 'viable business' graduation the following wednesday. ÿThis will not only be attended by all the sponsors for your programme but Angels and VCs also, so have your handouts and business cards ready.ÿ

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