"Hackspaces are places you can visit to meet people, learn, socialise and collaborate. A place to make your own projects a reality or help others with theirs" - hackspace.org.ukCommunity owned and operated on a membership basis, Hackspaces are equipped with shared facilities and equipment. Enabling members to access speciality tools such as lasercutters, 3D printers, lathes, welding equipment and a host of other interesting toys. Alongside the facilities, comes a community of likeminded individuals with diverse areas of knowledge and expertise, all ready to help you progress your projects. So if you are interested in making things out of wood and metal, electronics, coding, glass-blowing, you name it and don?t have a garage or shed of your own (or indeed are fed up with working on your projects on your own), then come and join us in building a hackspace. There is a successful backspace operating in Reading and another in Central London, but a few geeks based in the High Wycombe / Marlow / Maidenhead area would love to create one closer to home. Initially the plan is to make do with the back room in a friendly pub in the High Wycombe area, where we can meet up, chat and do some hacking together whilst enjoying a pint or two. However the longterm aim would be to get enough people together to rent a small industrial unit that will allow us to partake in more antisocial (read loud, dirty and dangerous) activities that no self respecting pub landlord will permit.

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