Linuxing in London is about celebrating Linux. Our aim is to bring together vendors, suppliers, enthusiasts and IT professionals, and anyone who's just curious concerning Linux, its strengths, its capacity, and its mysteries Everyday we use Linux without even knowing it. It powers Google, Facebook, Docker and most of the Internet infrastructure. Without Linux the world would not be as connected as it is, or look as it does. Linux is striking, it is changing every week, there are new products coming out, almost at the speed of light. We need a tangible space to discuss those developments and learn from each other. Our objectives: • provide a friendly environment where people can come together, talk and be informed about free and open source software.
• hold regular presentations from specialists on everything from the Linux kernel, the command line to Linux in the Cloud, and much more.
• encourage everyone to talk about and to use free and open source software.  We are Linux distribution agnostic, we like BSD and all derivatives too! All of our events are free to participants. We are drawing up a schedule for the next few months’ talks. If you have any ideas, suggestions for venues or sponsorship (someone to pay for the soft drinks and nibbles!) please contact us. Brian Byrne and David Ross, April 2016.

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