This community is focused on Decentralised Peer to Peer Trade (DP2PT). The goal is to share experiences, advice, and tools for growing this space as we believe that it will be the next-generation of e-commerce. Network with other sellers and share your experiences in a quest to discover what DP2PT networks can offer to increase your profit margins. We will invite interesting speakers and developers of the open source tools so that your feedback can be heard. Come and discover the beauty of open and free trade!
The OpenBazaar open-source project provides the first usable example of a decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace and its current popularity in the Bitcoin community leads us to believe that it will be the market leader in this space. This group will allow people to discuss best practises for using OpenBazaar in particular but we are also open to discussing other less popular but similar networks such as BitMarkets, SafeMarket, and Shadow Project.
There are many benefits to DP2PT. By using Bitcoin for payments and dispute mediation, DP2PT networks remove the need for payment processors and e-commerce platforms reducing fee overheads dramatically. Sellers who make their living on narrow profit margins hampered by extortionate fees have the most to benefit. Sellers are also protected from payment fraud and buyers get discounted prices without the need to expose their identity.
OpenBazaar London will meet to discuss this emerging technology and is aimed at everyone pursuing low friction trade. Prior knowledge of Bitcoin is not required to make DP2PT networks work for your business.

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