The One-stop shop for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups!We bring people in the Silicon Roundabout together to discuss, share, pitch and network.ÿYour GPS systemEmphasis is on Growth, Profitability and Scalabilityÿ- by using industry best practises.Top 1 %Successful Business model is ALL 3:- high Tech,- solid Business best practice, &ÿ- disciplined EntrepreneursImportant Cs***Collaboration***Content***Contacts***Cash flows***Concepts***Competition***Costs***Connection***Customers***ChangePersonal DevelopmentConfidence, Discipline, Motivation, Positivity, Optimism, Communication,Time management, Leadership, Focus, Health, Self-Esteem, Resilience,Resourcefulness, Teamwork, Proactive, Initiative, Personality, Passion, Character,ÿCorporate functionsIT, Finance, H.R., Customer services, Governance, Compliance, Marketing,Sales, Product dev, Project Mgt, ÿOperations, Enterprise, Export, RiskPlanning and PerformanceForecasting, Monitoring, Metrics, Measurement, Deliverables, DeadlinesTargets/Goals, AchievementsMentorMethodology, Execution, Network, Tutor, Organisation, ResultsÿRevenue modelProjection, ForecastsMarketsSupply, Demand, Risk, Size, Segmentation, Disruption, Market research,ÿMarket data, Market fit, Tracking,ÿSaturation, Maturity, Message, Barriers,ÿNew markets, Adjacent markets, Market nicheSalesMarketingProducts/ServicesTo be in Business, you have to know about Business.The open meeting is held every Tuesday and everyone interested inÿBusiness and Personal Development is welcome!

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